Topshop cream blushers

26 Jan

So I hear through the grape-vine M.A.C are discontinuing their cream blushes… let me just Google it…

Yes, yes, all true.

(I actually went and Googled in that space)

I’ve never tried a M.A.C cream blush so I can hardly talk, but I absolutely love Topshop’s cream blushes, my boyfriend says I have ‘nice cheeks’ when I wear it haha!

There are only two and the one I own is in ‘Flush.’

When I first bought it I tried to put it on with a brush and nothing was coming out and I thought it was craaaaaaap.

After a couple of months of neglect I actually read the back of the packaging and it said ‘dot on the cheeks and blend,’ I presumed this was with your fingers so I tried it that way and I was amazed!

It has a cream to powder like texture but it still leaves your skin looking ‘dewy’…. I hate that word what a cliche.

The formulation is really creamy and soft.

Anyway, these two pictures from show the two shades, they are only £6 each and you need such a small amount that they last for ages.

I can’t vouch for the powder blushes as I’ve never tried them.






A hair cut

17 Jan

My hair has been very long for a very long time.

Every where I go at least one person asks me ‘Is your hair real?’ ‘Are you wearing extensions?’ ‘Your hair is so long!’

And while is might look nice when I’ve spent hours on it, the pain of brushing through it, the time and fustration it takes drying it and it’s flatness was just not worth the compliment’s for me.

So I decided to have it cut off, I wanted short layers and something that looked fresh and healthy.

So on December 29th 2010 I went in for the big chop at Saks Birmingham.

We decided on a length that was just to my bust, but after a 30 second re think I decided to go a lot shorter.

So this is the result.

I have some before and after pics!



My article got published!

17 Jan

A few months ago I interviewed Sammi from ‘Beautycrush’ and Lindy from ‘Bubzbeauty’ on YouTube for an article I was doing about the YouTube beauty community.

Well it finally got published on a beauty website called ‘Beauty Bizz.’

So here it is!

Thanks Sammi and Lindy for being my interviewees!

Hope you all take a look!

Sammi from BeautyCrush.

M.A.C Cham-pale collection

1 Jan

Today, when returning something to Selfridges, I couldn’t help but go up to the M.A.C counter to see if they had the new Cham-pale collection.

There it was on a very tiny stand. I did hope to purchase one of the highlighter pressed powders, but whilst swatching them, I really wasn’t sure.

The collection won’t be for everyone, as everything is very light, sheer and sparkly.

I found the highlighter very sheer but I may still be tempted to buy it.

By far, the best products I came across were the paint pots.

I already have the paint pot in ‘Painterly’ which I use on an everyday basis.

The paint pot’s in this collection are lovely and very unique colours.

So I picked up ‘Chilled On Ice’ paint pot.

It is a champagne colour with strong iridescent gold undertones. It goes from cream to pink to gold depending on which way it catches the light, it’s really lovely.

Here are some pictures.


Only Girl In The World.

14 Oct

Love Rihanna’s new single & video. For some reason, I love her hair.


The customer is always right? Are they?

14 Oct

I’ve been wanting to write this ‘rant’ for absolutely ages. So I’ve sat down with a bag of crisps, getting greasy finger marks all over my laptop.

So rewind a few months ago and the shop I worked at closed down. I was particularly sad having worked there for 3 years, and my best friends worked there with me. (I still see them regularly of course)

So then I got lumped off to another store with no say in the matter. I thought the customers were rude to me at my previous store, but wow they are just as rude at my ‘new’ store.

When you go into a store, how do you perceive the girl behind the till. Is she automatically stupid because she’s on a till? Is she someone to moan at because your day hasn’t gone quite right? When they didn’t have the product you wanted, was it her fault?

Lets put all the ‘annoying’ factors of a working in retail into sub categories. (Yes there are that many)

Do you have this?

Ok, so you asked me to check if we have the product you want in the stock room out the back. That’s fine. It’s quite satisfying when you find something someone has been after and they look so happy when you give it to them.

But when I’ve spent 5-10 minutes rummaging around for the product, only to find you’ve disappeared when I get back is more than a little annoying. Especially when I’ve gone up a ladder to get it for you.

Ok so, we don’t have the product, you want me to phone another store and check if it’s there, that’s fine. But a little ‘thank you’ afterwards goes a long way.

“Is this the only section of ‘X’ you have?” … Well lets see, shall we try this door and go into Never land and we may have a whole array of those out there, of course it’s the only section!

Do you have this? But in a different size/ design/ colour?

No jokes here, I have had a customer request a product before with a completely different design before and in a different style and colour, “could you just alter it?” Hmmmm, yes madam I’ll go out the back to the grotto where we make those and get the elves to adjust that for you… NO!

I don’t need a bag.

Ok, so you want to save the environment one plastic bag at a time. Fine. But don’t wait until I’ve got the bag, packed all the stuff up, you’ve even watched me do it! And then say…. “I don’t need a bag.” GRRR.

I do need a bag.

So I’m all for saving the planet myself. So when you’ve been shopping and have about a hundred carrier bags and I say to you “Do you need a bag?” What I really mean is “Look down, you have plenty of bags, why would you want to waste another one?”

When the customer replies with “Yes, I need a bag” it really winds me up, NO! You do not need a bag!

The till point.

When I’m on a certain till, that is my assigned till point. I am not moving. I am not allowed to move. So why go and put your stuff down on some other random till and expect me to move. No. It does not work like that, you come to me, and don’t huff when I say “Come over, I’m on this till.”

So you’ve come to the till and put your items down, don’t then walk off having a browse. When you come to the till the sale is to be completed, you come to the till because you have finished shopping. I’m not here waiting for you all day. You’re either paying or you’re not!


Yes, there is a queue. I’m on the till on my own, I’ve called for help. Don’t huff and give me evils.

Cash matters.

My pet PEEVE! When you hand me the cash, put it in my hand, don’t be so rude as to slam it down on the counter so I have to pick it all up. This annoys me. Very much.

When I go up to the till, most of the time I already have my money sorted out, or if I don’t it’s because I know I’m paying by card. Don’t come to the till and hold the whole queue up while you pluck pennies from your purse, one minute at a time. Good customer service is meant to be quick, you’re slowing me down, and my hand aches from holding it out!


When I say hello to you. You say it back. Don’t stare or grunt at me like I’m an alien.

Snooty Snoot.

I work in a shop. This is my weekend job. I work here to fund my social life through University. Don’t treat me like I’m an idiot. Sometimes I feel like saying “Do you know, I’m not an idiot, I go to University, I’m probably more intelligent than you will ever be.”

You get very snooty women coming to the till, with their ‘high and mighty’ attitude, it doesn’t wash with me, you’re not better than me and you don’t know any more than I do.

But you do it like this.

I work in this shop because I know about what I do, don’t patronise me and try to tell me how to do my job.

Do you work here?

“Excuse me do you work here?”….Let me think, no, I am walking round in black trousers, with this top on, this badge on, and this radio clipped to me and I’m tidying up in this shop because…..

On the phone.

Don’t come to the till when you’re on the phone and then keep asking me “what?” If you hadn’t finished the call and weren’t ready to pay, don’t come to the till. End of. It’s rude. I wouldn’t serve you while I was on the phone.

PIN machine.

“It says to remove my card, what shall I do…” ERMMMMMM let’s all have a great big think because I don’t even think Einstein could crack this one. It says ‘remove card’ so I have absolutely no clue what it might mean. Maybe….. REMOVE YOUR CARD?

Your card has been declined. Twice. It’s not my fault, it’s not my machine, don’t get nasty about it and cause a scene. Maybe you should go and check your bank balance.


“The store will be closing in five minutes.” Is this now a logical time to come in to the shop, when every one wants to go home and have a browse? Is it? Really? Get out. I want to go home. I do not live in the shop.

Rant over. Next time you want to take your aggression out on the shop assistant. Remember my blog post.

*Images sourced from Cyberslayer and mrtwism on

Sophie’s Soap

6 Oct

So the other morning I was lying around, fake tanned up, dreading going to work when the doorbell rang. I thought it would be a sales person so I decided I was too lazy to go and answer the door. But then I remembered, I was expecting a package from Sophie. I rushed downstairs and think I scared the postman as I emerged at the door with my bright orange face and miss matched pjamas.

He was just writing the ‘you weren’t in note’ when I exctiedly grabbed it from him just in time.

In case your wondering who the infamous Sophie is, it’s the lovely Sophie from ‘Sophie’s Soap’ was kind enough to send me a very cute package this week which I was very excited about.

Sophie literally contacted me at the weekend, and I had my package by Tuesday, she works very fast and she kept in constant contact with me to let me know what was going on, she treated me exactly like a paying customer and was very sweet.

Sophie’s soaps look and smell good enough to eat! All the soaps sophie makes by hand are SLS free, which means they have no added chemicals that the major soap companies use.

I didn’t know this, but most soap comapnies that aren’t natural use these chemicals to make their soaps extra bubbly, and this can make your skin very dry.

Sophie’s soaps however are naturally moisturising and still provide a great amount of lather.

When I opened the package the first thing I noticed was how well packaged it was, bubble wrap, pretty tissue paper and also plenty of tape and ‘fragile’ stickers.

Each item in the box had a cute sticker on and cute business cards, Sophie really pays attention to detail to make her products extra special and to make it look more like a gift than a purchase.

The smell coming from this box was delicious! I could smell strawberries and chocolate and sherbet!

So, these are the items that Sophie sent me.

Princess Crown £1.50

Lolly £2.00

Chocolate bar £2.50

Bakewell Cupcake- £3.00

Mini Cupcakes £1.00

Sophie also sent me a couple of samples to smell and try which are the small strawberries, I have to say, my favourite smell in this box is the ‘fresh linen.’

Sophie also has a new range of lip balms out, which are completely natural, so no chemicals and they’re vegan friendly. These are £1 for a small pot.

Ordering from Sophie make great presents as you don’t even have to worry about wrapping as they look pretty and unique on their own. You could also put some of the smaller cupcakes in party bags or on the table at parties as favours.

Sophie also allows you to choose what fragrance you want your soap to have when ordering, which is great!

Support Sophie and check out her links!

Sophie’s Soap shop.

Facebook page.



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Check out the video review for Sophie’s Soaps.